The Messenger


With more than a decade of service to Christ, Kingzkid has an exceptional and powerful gift of telling Gospel inspired motivational short stories made possible by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. These short stories can be described as parables which Jesus regularly used to teach people when he still walked on the earth to show us the way, before he died on the cross so that we can be saved. Kingzkid is one of God’s chosen messenger, he is not a teacher or a pastor but a messenger with the gift to tell the message of Good News through short stories in an exciting and entertaining manner. Kingzkid is a very shy, handsome and dark tall guy, whom you hardly find talking, he prefers to keep quite and listen and only opens his mouth when the Holy Spirit leads him to share the Good News. Kingzkid is very obedient to God’s Word and does try not to be offensive with the Good News but the truth sometimes doesn’t go down well with the listener, He does and says what God wants him to say at all times and as a result he is sometimes not a popular messenger because he tells the truth at all times no matter the occasion or invitation. Kingzkid is a father of two, a girl and a boy and loves all children dearly and he himself is very childlike and very humble and sincere, which is why he has committed himself to one woman only especially because he is unintentionally a woman magnet, he has made the decision to stay disciplined and focus on the mandate of taking the Good News to the poor without encountering or allowing any distractions. .

Kingzkid has abandoned his life completely for the sake of sharing the Good News and has offered himself as a living sacrifice to Jesus Christ as he has availed himself to be used for one purpose only which is enlightening and encouraging the millions of hopeless South Africans living with stress and anxiety to turn to Jesus Christ and allow him to transform them through the Holy Spirit to become a united, successful, free and happy nation. Kingzkidz message teaches people to love God first and to love one another, to treat others as you would like to be treated, not to judge others as God will surely judge you in the same way, to have mercy just as our Father is merciful and forgive others so that you may also be forgiven. It is Kingzkid’s deepest desire that he may be an example of that principle and that everyone who hears this message of hope and encouragement would choose to accept God's goodness and mercy and to become all that God wants them to be. Kingzkid tells short stories about God’s grace and about the power which we as Kingzkidz have received through the Holy Spirit after accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. His short stories are inspired by God and the current happenings around us and in impoverished areas in the country. He aims to enlighten and encourage the poor and to see them completely liberated, empowered and blessed by the Lord. And every week, testimonies pour in telling of hearts and minds liberated, bodies healed and made whole, lives impacted and transformed, marriages rescued and restored, and addictions and bondages destroyed. The Lord has brought about these amazing breakthroughs just by people hearing the Good News by Kingzkid. This is the truth that has changed countless lives—it is no longer about what we need to do or what we have done to earn God’s blessings, but all about what Jesus has done for us! “And when you stop living for the world but live in the world for Jesus Christ, you can achieve anything and be anything that you want to be against all odds even if you have been an addict, alcoholic, thieve, homeless, murderer, rapist or rape victim, abuser or abused, sex-worker, convict, illiterate, unemployed, uneducated or abandoned and alone. It doesn’t matter at all where you have been or where you are coming from or what the world says, what matters is where you allow God to take you.” Kingzkid .