How many times have you gotten to the end of the road and asked yourself, "Do I go left or right'?" I look back and see all the choices I made that brought me to where I am today.

All of my work focuses around those choices and events in our lives, people we’ve learned from, and people who have inspired us.

People often ask me, “How did you get started?” I don’t think there really is a starting point, just choices that bring you to your own “Finish Line.” We’ve all come to that point in the road where we have to make the decision to go left or right. My decisions started at a very young age. I was held back in my 2nd year at DUT when my grandmother passed on as Gogo was sponsoring my studies, she was a hard worker, genuine Proverbs 31 woman. I think it was in that difficult time, some small voice in my head told me that I wouldn’t amount to much because a lot of whispers were circulating. What if I had gone down the road that those negative people had chosen for me? Thank God I’ll never know, With the help of my family, I chose to believe in myself.

After mourning and giving my life to ministry, my career path took me in many directions, from a small business owner, to the marketing director of Zomaster and the ambassador of Mind Empowers Youth Organisation, Mastermind-Extra Time fame and now to Kingzkid, Indodana Yophezukonke. Throughout all of this, I crossed the paths of many lives, and started to receive letters from people that wanted to thank me for inspiring them. As I looked back on the things people wrote, I realized they were writing the same kind of sentiments and finally it hit me: This was my gift to give back to the world! I reached that road sign that gave me the choice to go left or right.

With my current work, I want to share the Good News and inspire people both young and small to be better contributing citizens to our beautiful country, as well as strong individuals to be able to make our communities, working spaces, homes and schools a better place for all. The struggles and challenges that we face as underprivileged South Africans are just as confusing as the ones that privileged South Africans face. Hopefully my life’s work will provide you with some thoughts and tools for making the decisions you need to make. Just remember: The “Finish Line” is also the “Starting Line.”

You and the people around you may lead good lives, but wouldn’t you rather live the “Outstanding Life.” Kingzkid is willing to offer you and your group a complete package of tools to show you how to accomplish your goals. Kingzkid pledges health, wealth and a better life to those who really listen to his stories and message. You will find that upon leaving Kingzkid’s speech your whole world will open up to new experiences and discoveries all leading to that goal of “Living the Outstanding Life.”

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